Rated Power(kW) 60
Rated Torque(N.m) 125
Rated Speed(rpm) 4580
cooling  Liquid
Dimension (mm) Φ271*330
Weight(kg) 60
  Overall dimensions (L×W×H) mm 1197×364×1479
Weight (without battery, motor) kg Short shaft 55 Long shaft 57
Applicable power HP(kW) 80-110(58.8-80.8)
Applicable maximum speed r/min 5500
Recommended input torque N.m 200-230
Maximum input torque N.m N.m 250
motor Model No. EguWJ35-90
Rated Power 60
Maximum power 120
Rated Torque 125
Peak torque 320(30 sec)
Rated Speed 4580
Maximum speed 10000
Insulation H
(cooling) Liquid
Protection Grade IP67
 Dimension Φ271*330
水嘴外径 Water mouth diameter Φ20
Shaft  Inner spline
Weight 60

Product Features
Shift mode
1. Motor forward, reverse and stop shift to realize forward, backward and stop. The gearshift mode requires additional configuration of electric water pump, the original water pump impeller can not be used.
2. Mechanical gearshift, through the operation of the gearshift handle, the rotary movement of the gearshift camshaft guides the linear movement of the gearshift slider, thus making the claw clutch and gear clutch. This shifting method requires the motor input speed to be shifted at 500-1000rpm, and you can use the water pump impeller that comes with the machine to supply water to the motor for cooling.

Electro-hydraulic cocking device
Power-driven, consistent with the voltage of the starting power supply, the longitudinal tilt angle of the outboard can be adjusted steplessly, the operation is flexible and labor-saving, the longitudinal tilt angle of the outboard helps to determine the position of the bow of the boat in the water, and the correct longitudinal tilt angle will help to improve the performance of the engine and fuel economy.



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